Flores Island è una piccola isola da più di mille isola in Indonesia. isola di Flores è il minore dell'isola di Sunda, entrare in Est della provincia di Nusa Tenggara con 14.300 km² superficie totale e la popolazione sono 1,831,000 Cenci 2010. Flores sanno come Nusa Nipa ( Snake island ) perché la forma assomiglia serpente.flores tour from labuan bajo
Labuan Bajo is located in west part of Flores island, come into West Manggarai Regency – East of Nusa Tenggara Province. It is know as fishing village, in the 1970s, when people becames curious about the Giant lizard / Komodo Dragon, the sleep fishing village of Labuan Bajo, served as the traditional starting point to adventurous boat base excursion to the nearby Komodo National Park. Labuan Bajo is central of West Manggarai Regency with 12,000 locals inhabitants. Because the location in the western part, this town also have inter ferry services to Sumbawa island by Sape Harbour.
Flores Tour From Labuan Bajo
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Meeting service with our guide in Maumere / Ende Airport. Maumere / Ende Sightseeing, drive to Moni Area. Late afternoon check in at Hotel Bintang Lodge Moni / Estevania Lodge / Andis Lodge.

Depart early morning at 4.30AM to see the sunrise at Kelimutu Three Colored Crater lakes. Stop over at Waturaka Village and soft trekking 2km to Murekeba Waterfall. Rientro in hotel, prima colazione, doccia e il check out. On the way to Ende visit Wolotopo Traditional Village; centuries old traditional Lio house silently reveal an ancient through dilcate patterns that are engraved on many parts of their structures. Captivating agrarian panoramas and its traditional of ikat waeving. Ende Sightseeing afterwards continue drive to Bajawa town. Stop over in Blue stone beach, in the late afternoon check in at Hotel Silverin Bajawa.
Morning visit Bena Traditional Village; a traditional village most visited and its famous with impressive stone formations, ancestral shrines, Ngadanese-style houses and its traditional way of life. Drive to Airmere, stop over to taste the famous local arak distillation. Visit Ranamese Lakes; a hiden gem in a thick jungle located on 1200m above sea level before arrive in Ruteng. Drive to Cancar to see unique spider web rice field. Check in at hotel Laprima Labuan Bajo and tour finish.

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