Varanus Komodoensis - Komodo Dragon

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Komodo dragons or Ora (called by local people), icon of Komodo National park are the world largest lizard. Its only can be founded in west Flores. Komodo dragons has long tounge, yellow and prickly. Male Komodo dragon is biger than female. Growing to a potential size 3 meters and weight more than 150 kilograms, Komodo also can see until 300 meters and swimming 5 meters in the seas. The giant Komodo in this National Park has 3,13 meters and 166 pounds. The giant reptiles reproduce by laying eggs. The mating season are july and august. Afterthat female dragon will dig and laying eggs 15 – 30, the inqubations time around 8-9 monts. Komodo dragon saliva are very fatal when it is start eating meat. Komodo is typical of carnivore, where the dragon can smell carsass or blood 10 km.
Komodo dragons have shark teeth and poisonous venom that can kill a person within hours a bite. A long time ago, local people or villagers who have lived for generations alongside the world’s largest lizard were not afraid until the dragons started to attack. Komodos, which are popular zoo exhibits from the United States to Europe, grow to be 10 feet long and 150 pounds . All of the estimated 2,500 left in the wild can be found within the 700-square-mile (1,810-square-kilometer) Komodo National Park, mostly on its two largest islands, Komodo and Rinca. The animals are believed to have descended from a larger lizard on Indonesia’s main island Java or Australia around 30,000 years ago. They can reach speeds of up to 18 miles (nearly 30 kilometers) per hour, their legs winding around their low, square shoulders like egg beaters.
There are 4 people killed by Komodo in the last 35 years, two people were killed since 2007 a young local boy and a fisherman. 2013 the dragon bit a ranger when accompany tourist to explore this National Park.